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Practising Yoga while pregnant is a beautiful way to have time for yourself and to deeply connect with your baby.
It gives you time (away from work commitments, preparing your home, buying baby items etc...)
to gently exercise your body, calm and balance your mind, open your heart and prepare for motherhood.

Pregnancy yoga will help bring your changing body into alignment with specific attention to the back,
hips and shoulders. It can be effective in alleviating common pregnancy nuances such as moodswings,
fluid retention, nausea, and shortness of breath.

As you move through a variety of asanas adapted especially to your growing belly,
and bring attention to your breath,you will find a deep inner strength and confidence
in your body and in your ability to birth. You will have the tools at your fingertips to enter
the next stage of your life with love and trust.



Times : 

Drop-In class : no booking necessary

Tuesdays    17:30 - 19:00  with Kira
Thursdays  09:30-11:00  with Jade Mate

For weekly up-to-date schedule please visit :

Please arrive 15 min. early.

Suitable right from the beginning through all stages of your pregnancy. 
No previous yoga knowledge necessary.

Prices : 

First visit to shala (any class) : 9€
5-er block : 64€ / 53€ Students
10er blocks : 110€ / 88€ 
Single class : 15€ / 12€



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